Relieve the Traveling Blues by Getting Active with Yoga – A Guest Post

It’s always nice to hear from readers, it’s even better when readers contact me with guest posts!  Recently, Wes Vonn, a fitness and healthy living enthusiast, also writer and creator of “Wes’ Musingsthoughts on health, fitness and a fresh perspective on life”  contacted me with a great guest post that I could not resist.

Yoga as an everyday practice, while at home and especially when traveling is fantastic for the body.  Traveling can cause anxiety and also physically damage the body.  It is good to practice yoga for whatever time available, wherever you may be to quell the rigors caused by travel.  Though, regular and sporadic voyagers shouldn’t let this be an excuse to stop a regular yoga practice.  It’s actually quite easy to keep up the good work and Wes has some good insight on keeping up the good work while traveling and practicing yoga.  Here it is:

If you travel on a regular basis, you may have experienced the aches and pains that are commonly experienced by busy travelers.  Some people travel endlessly for executive meetings, sales conferences, school events, sporting events, and a myriad of other reasons.  No matter what the reason is you are traveling, consider taking up yoga as a way to relieve your body and your mind from stress and burdens.  Yoga offers numerous benefits that can provide you with a relaxed and rejuvenated feeling to help you tackle any task or challenge you may be facing when you travel.

Yoga Relieves Pressure and Stress for Travelers

Yoga is an ideal exercise activity for harried travelers to get involved with due to the flexibility of the workout – no pun intended.  Yoga requires only a simple mat that is portable and can be used practically anywhere.  Not only can you do yoga at the airport while you are waiting on your flight, you can also do yoga in the mornings at your hotel or even before you leave your home for your next trip.

Not only can yoga help you to relieve pressure and physical stress that is often associated with weary travelers, yoga can be a great health promoter.  Using yoga for exercise increases physical strength, improves sleep habits, and it also promotes a healthier circulatory system.  The Mayo Clinic has released an article that provides information on popular forms of yoga and how easy it is to begin doing yoga on a regular basis.  Following a few simple guidelines is all that is necessary to begin getting active with this relevant form of exercise and to begin nearly immediately enjoying the results of it.

You Can Do Yoga Anywhere

Many hotels offer complimentary yoga and aerobics classes for their guests. It is important to perform some due diligence to find these types of hotels if it is desired to attend yoga classes. On a recent trip to Las Vegas I researched what hotels have the best complimentary yoga classes by looking at reviews and commentary based around all the Las Vegas Hotels. Hotels that do not offer these free classes can typically instruct a person to a local yoga clinic or wellness center so travelers can enjoy group yoga if they are staying in a city for an extended amount of time.  Group yoga is ideal for people who want to turn exercise and a commitment to fitness into a social interaction that can be encouraging and motivating.

I don’t travel very often (though I have an insane wanderlust) but when I do, yoga is one of my favorite things to do while away from home.  It eases the stress of getting from here to there, stretches out the muscle kinks from sitting for extended periods of time, and subsides the guilt of eating out almost every day while away.  (My personal favorite, yoga on a beach :)).

SDo you keep up with your yoga or fitness regimen while away from home?  Let us know what you do to maintain your normal routine.   If not, try some yoga the next time you go away.  It will be a guaranteed perk to any traveling you may be doing.