Diabesity: A Call To Action

DiabesitySince we’re on the topic of books (check out my last post on Child of Mine) the most recent book I read that I could not put down was called Diabesity by Francine Kaufman, M.D. She is a pediatric endocrinologist and the former president of the American Diabetes Association. This book is eye opening to the influx of the epidemics of obesity and diabetes sweeping the world, how they work in tandem (hence the term Diabesity) and what we have to do to prevent further infiltration of this disease. It is extremely educational told through Francine Kaufman’s first-hand accounts on the front lines against diabetes at LA Children’s Hospital. In fact, diabetes is not just about sugar and insulin. It has a lot to do with fat and other hormones. It is becoming apparent that diabetes is, in fact, a lipid disorder. Fat and the hormones it contains, such as adiponectin for example, actually makes the body more resistant to insulin. But, it is proven that changing a sedentary lifestyle to being more active and letting go of bad eating habits can reduce insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity. (Insulin sensitivity is the muscles greater capacity to take in glucose.) Even just losing a small amount of weight can help manage blood sugar. It really is as simple as walking 30 minutes/day and incorporating more vegetables into your diet.

It is hurtful to see loved ones suffer from this disease. It is even more heart breaking to see loved ones suffer and not do anything to help themselves especially when diabesity is something that can be easily managed if caught in time. You! Yes, you! You have to read this book for the future of your health and the health and benefit of your loved ones. Now that I have read Francine Kaufman’s book I am incredibly inspired (even more than I already was) to help educate anyone willing to listen gain health through food and exercise. I hope to one day work with Ms. Kaufman or others like her to help fight diabetes and obesity so that we no longer have to watch loved ones suffer. But it starts within each and every one of us. Francine Kaufman’s book is a “call to action.” Why not step up and do something today? Take small steps and do something each day to change your life for the better, for the rest of your life. 

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