TC, Columbia University: Here I Come!

Hi everyone!  Some of you already know this, since I “spilled the beans” on Facebook just after I found out, but, life for me has turned upside down, in a good way…in a fantastic, amazing way, actually.  A little over a week ago, I wrote a post about following dreams, no matter what it takes.  Almost a year ago I decided I couldn’t lead a fulfilled life as it was and I quit my job to follow my dreams, became a yoga instructor, took some prerequisite classes for a masters degree in nutrition, studied for and took the GRE, applied to a few schools around the New York City area, and now, after waiting nearly four months (a few days after my post about dreams) I found out that I was accepted into Teachers College, Columbia University.   Beginning in the fall semester I will begin a dual Master of Science program in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.  After two years I will be prepped and ready to become a Registered Dietitian as well.  It is truly amazing what will happen when you follow your heart and your dreams.  The world does open.  I can’t even begin to explain how excited and honored I feel.


7 thoughts on “TC, Columbia University: Here I Come!

  1. Congratulations! That’s so fantastic that you get to earn a master’s degree in a subject your passionate about and at such a great school to boot. Feeling pretty inspired right now 🙂

  2. Again, a BIG congrats to you! I can only imagine the journey you have already been taking since the moment you realize that you gotta do something about living a fulfilling life. Those little steps, those moments when nobody knew but you, as you listened to your inner voice and found your pivotal moments to make that change. By becoming a yoga teacher, by researching, applying, thinking, taking GRE and taking courses… wow! I’m so proud of you already yet I barely know you 🙂 Ahh!

  3. If pride were ever a good thing, this moment I must express how happy I am for my daughter. Today, she had me doing things and moving muscles and relaxing in a way I more than likely had not done since a child. We were out playing in the grass the we did when she was a little girl. My daughters journey began when I first asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up…her answer at 3 years old, to my surprise was “a farmer”….my immediate reaction was ahhhh a past life experience….never did I think after all the schooling and life lessons she would be on the path of healthy food, healthy living, healthy body healthy mind…a farmer of sorts for sure. She has much more spunk, ambition and intelligence of her subject than anyone Ive ever known, and her journey has just begun. Blessings, and I will keep breathing!

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