“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…”

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well.  Here’s that catch-up post I promised. So much has gone on these past few months and it has been quite exciting. We went to Nantucket for our anniversary in that time too.  I finished the semester with great grades. There was a lot to study and work on throughout the past few months and it was hard to balance everything but classes are finally done! (For now.)  After school finished, we had a big weekend in Montauk, Long Island over Memorial Day but more on that at a later date (it has to do with wine :)).

There are many transitions and changes going on.  Phil is taking on a new work endeavor, starting a new company with a business partner, which is exciting.  We moved out of our apartment in Brooklyn and will be travelling a little (Pennsylvania last week, Toronto this week, maybe Chicago the week after, maybe more) but my parents house on the south shore of Long Island will be our home base.  Though we are enjoying this time visiting with family, the move is temporary and we’ll be moving to a new apartment sometime mid-late summer.  We are both enjoying the feeling of a wide-open future, full of endless possibilities.

I start my summer internship at the hospital very shortly.  I had my orientation last week and am looking forward to new experiences helping in the nutrition department and the public health department.  Though I will admit, I’m a little nervous on what I may encounter.  Nevertheless, it will be a great experience.

go-for-your-dreamsA while back, before I left my job, a friend gave me the magnet pictured.  It was strategically placed on our refrigerator and it daily gave me the confidence to pursue the fulfilled life I desire.  It helped me make the decision to change my life and leave a dead-end job to do what I love.  In just a few short months my life has changed drastically, some situations have been tougher than normal but mostly everything is for the better.  The fact that I am beginning to live a fulfilled life by helping people to live their lives to the fullest is the best job ever.  And I hope that I can inspire others who may be stuck in similar working situations to plan out your exit strategy and do what will make you happiest.  As far as we know, there is one shot at life.  Why spend it doing something that makes your miserable?

That is about it for now but stay tuned this week for the delicious recipes that me and Phil came up with over the weekend using the ingredients from our CSA!

3 thoughts on ““Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…”

  1. Go Deb Go! We miss you at Strala, and sending a big hug to you both. Sounds like things are going really great for you. I always knew they would. Keep me posted! xoxo Tara

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