I Heard It Through The Grapevine…

Hi everyone!  How’s everyone doing?  I hope well!  I have been pretty heavily engrossed in school-mode but things are winding down a bit now.  I don’t know who checked out my Facebook page recently but I was accepted into the summer college intensive program at the hospital down the street from my apartment.  I’m super excited about this and can’t wait!  I need to have medical clearance before I start working there and I actually had a dream the other night that I somehow contracted tuberculosis and couldn’t do the internship.  It was really upsetting.  Anyway, I’m rambling and just wanted to share all that. 🙂

Today’s post is for the Strala Blog but since I have been all about iron lately, it of course is inspired by which has more iron: grapes or raisins?  Here are some interesting facts and differences between grapes and raisins:

  • According to the American Dietetic Association’s Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, a 1/4 cup of raisins contain 0.8 milligrams of iron whereas 1/4 cup of grapes contain 0.15 mg of iron.  That answers the question of there being more iron in raisins but you also have to eat more which means more sugar and calories.  Speaking of which…
  • Grapes have less concentrated sugar and are less calorie-dense.
  • Raisins contain about three times more antioxidants than grapes which may help to prevent cells from cancering and also slow the aging process in the body and brain, but…
  • Raisins do not contain resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red grapes, grape juice, red wine…  Many studies are showing that this antioxidant fights aging and many life-threatening diseases quite well.  Unfortunately for raisins, resveratrol is lost in the dehydrating process.
  • Raisins are a good source of fiber as are grapes but raisins have more concentrated fiber (the same goes for all dried fruits).
  • Raisins contain slightly more potassium than grapes.
  • Grapes are the hydrated version of raisins and therefore add to your hydration.
  • Snacking on grapes will make you feel more satisfied than snacking on raisins.

California Raisin

For the full post, check out the Strala Blog or for a full listing of all my posts at Strala, click on the Strala Yoga Blog widget on the side of the page.

Also, if you’re in the Brooklyn/NYC area and are looking for a CSA to join for this upcoming season, be sure to check out Common Hands Farm.  For more information, check out my post and the Common Hands website.  Happy Monday everyone! 🙂 See you all again soon.

One thought on “I Heard It Through The Grapevine…

  1. Thanks for sharing all this info! I love both raisins and grapes. But since they are so different in texture and test I find myself using them for different types of snacks / recipes. I knew they had a ton of health benefits but had no idea they were so rich in iron. A nutrient I need more of in my diet.

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