Dr. Oz’s Heart Healthy Tips

red-heartI have had obesity and heart disease on my mind lately.  The personal statements have written for my applications to masters programs in nutrition all highlighted the major problems these diseases are creating for the world population.  Simultaneously, as I was putting the finishing touches on these statements, this past week Dr. Oz visited the New York City based, nationally televised Today Show on NBC with some heart-healthy, weight loss tips.  I’ve included the video clip below but I want to point out some of his options to help defend against weight gain and the conditions that may follow.

What was his first tip? Coconut oil!  Yes! I was very happy to hear this.  Dr. Oz says it’s best to replace saturated fat, like butter with coconut oil.  Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty-acids which are better for you than long chain fatty acids that make up butter, lard and other saturated fats.  A while back I posted about coconut oil and how amazing it is, not just for cooking but for every day use.  (I still use it on my hair and now that it’s winter I replaced my every day moisturizer with coconut oil. Sometimes I use it when my face gets dry too.) I’m happy to see that coconut oil is catching on more and I have been catching it displayed more prominently in our local grocery stores too. It is a great, versatile, healthy fat.

Another interesting fact Dr. Oz pointed out was the importance of calcium.  Most specifically, calcium before a meal to help with weight loss.  Studies have shown that eating a 6oz cup of low fat yogurt before a meal helps to shed pounds.  I would assume partially because it would make you fuller, quicker which would keep you from overeating but mainly the combination of the calcium and fat in the intestines creates soap which gets excreted from the body rather an absorbed.  How cool and interesting is that?!

Check out the video below and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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