Quick and Easy Vinaigrette

This past weekend I housed some honored guests, my parents.  I was very excited and it gave me the excuse to buy some extra special food and drinks for entertaining.  Of course, my mom cooked, which made it even better (doesn’t it always?).  Pretty much all the knowledge I have of cooking I learned from my mother…and the Food Network, but mostly my mother.  Thanks Mom! 🙂  Though, I did make a huge, healthy salad to complement our meal.  I used kale, spinach and mixed greens, half a red onion and grape tomatoes.  The vinaigrette was my favorite though.  It was basic and super simple to whip together.  It could even be used to pour over some salmon before cooking.

For the recipe, check out today’s post on the Strala Blog!

Hope you’re all staying healthy, eating healthy and staying warm!


One thought on “Quick and Easy Vinaigrette

  1. Thank you…for the compliments, I must say the salad was the best part of our dinner…daddy still doesn’t know you put anchovies in the dressing. It was wonderful.

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