A Good Excuse To Drink More Coffee

This is slightly old news, and by slightly, I mean nearly a month ago a study was released by the American Journal of Epidemiology  stating that coffee addicts can rejoice!  Those who drink coffee throughout the day, every day, may be doing something good for their health.  According to the study based on 968,432 men and women who were followed for 26 years, “Intake of >4 cups/day of caffeinated coffee was associated with a 49% lower risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer death relative to no/occasional coffee intake.”  There’s a link!

In this particular case study, one cup is equal to 237 mL which is literally one cup.  One cup looks puny in comparison to what we’re all used to ordering at our local coffee shops but if you have a 4 cup measuring cup (nearly 950 mL) you will see, that’s a lot of coffee!  That’s probably equivalent to about 2 Grande-sized Starbucks Coffees.  But I’m sure it’s not a problem for many coffee drinkers out there.

If you drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day, you have a good excuse to keep up the good work!  The next time someone ridicules you on how much coffee you consume, just tell them “I’m preventing cancer!”

3 thoughts on “A Good Excuse To Drink More Coffee

  1. Correlation vs causation though? Coffee drinkers are by definition going to be more motivated educated people, which in turn leads to better dietary and exercise choices.

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