Park Slope Stoop Interview!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this but I love my neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Park Slope is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of New York City and I am totally privileged to live here.  There’s a unique sense of community in Park Slope that you don’t get in other areas of NYC.  The beauty of Prospect Park (which is just like the famed Central Park in Manhattan but larger and fewer tourists) just up the street, all of the small privately owned restaurants and boutiques as well as the beautiful brownstone architecture makes Park Slope a wonderful place to live.  I have been living here for four years and I still think “I can’t believe I live here!” when I walk down the charming tree-lined streets.  Yes, trees do grow in Brooklyn.  Many, as a matter of fact.

Today, I consider myself even more fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community, being able to voice my passion to the local residents through Park Slope Stoop, a fantastic local website.  Recently I was interviewed by the editor, Arianna, on overall wellness and tips to get through this upcoming flu season (it’s supposed to be a doozy!).  Check out the post here!! 🙂  I’m so excited about this interview, I had to share it with you all right away!  It includes my recipe for homemade chicken soup, which is proven helpful in fighting off colds and flu, and other helpful tips for feeling good and energized.  I hope you enjoy!!

Love to you all and stay healthy!!

Prospect Park Panorama

On a winter’s day, just me and my shadow, alone in Prospect Park

8 thoughts on “Park Slope Stoop Interview!

  1. Bravo! I was just talking about what I’ve heard about this flu season. A little heads up, keep your home “humid”…the flu thrives in dry conditions.

    • That’s good to know. I didn’t know that. Where did you hear that? My apartment is very dry and no matter how hard I try, short of keeping the windows open in the dead of winter, I can’t get it to be humid.

      • Specific to your apartment I would keep a pot of water on the radiators…your kitchen is too far from the rest of the house to be helpful…but as you have said, a mild mist from a humidifier might be good. A doctor was on msnbc and was answering the question, why do we get the flu in the winter? Her answer firstly was because it is much dryer in the winter, the flu virus does not like high humidity.

  2. Great post! I love all your advice though I would pass on the garlic, it gives me terrible stomach ache 😦 And you’re lucky to live in such a great neighborhood, our environments are so important. And I love your new pic at the side 🙂

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