Coconut Oil and a Hair Experiment

Since I joined the blogosphere I have heard so many good things about coconut oil: what it can do for dry skin and hair and the better benefits of cooking with it.  Coconut oil is a saturated fat which makes it solid at room temperature.  Like Crisco, it’s the kind of fat people tend to stay away from, but here are some reasons why coconut oil is better than you may think:

  • Coconut oil is a healthier option to cook with because it is lower in calories than other oils
  • It’s composed of medium-chain fatty acids which are metabolized as energy rather than stored as fat so it won’t clog arteries
  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is found in human milk (something we obviously don’t ingest as adults… “sickening!”) which is great for brain function and the immune system
  • It is a proven antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent

Regarding those “anti this and that” above, I’ve even heard of people “pulling” coconut oil, where it’s used like a “mouthwash”.  The oil is pushed, pulled and swished through the teeth for a period of time and supposedly, people claim healthier gums, fresher breath and an overall healthier feel and look to their bodies.  You can read an in depth post on oil pulling by Ashley Pitman for MindBodyGreen here.

Getting back on track, last spring I read this post on MBG  which made me slightly obsessed with getting my hands on some coconut oil.  When I found some, a small tube was super expensive which was disheartening because even though I am a big advocate of shelling out money for healthier food, I couldn’t bring myself to spend nearly twenty bucks for coconut oil.  Finally, this week while food shopping I found a jar (a whole jar!) of organic coconut oil on sale for $6.99 and couldn’t pass it up.  I was so excited!  Phil was like “what is that for?”  He couldn’t understand why I would be so excited about a jar that looked like it was filled with Crisco.  I explained that it will get me through the winter months when my skin turns into a scaly, itchy mess and my hair gets blow-dryer and flat-iron dry-out.

So, yesterday I experimented with coconut oil in my hair.  I shampooed my hair, towel dried and then massaged about a tablespoon of oil into my hair, starting with the ends and working my way up.  I was a little disappointed because the oil didn’t smell like coconut or like the beach.  It had a very light nutty scent, so light that I didn’t even smell it once it was in my hair.  I left the oil in for about 8 hours while I went to yoga and then out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law.  Dinner was impromptu and my hair looked slicked back and, well, oily, but it’s family, I don’t think they minded. 😉  When I got home I tried rinsing it out but decided to shampoo twice to make sure I got all excess out. I went to bed with my hair wet and hoped for the best.

And so, this morning I woke up and my hair feels amazing!  I have very fine hair and always wished for thicker hair.  My hair did not magically get thicker but the strands certainly feel more plump and strong.  Actually, I have never felt my hair this strong, especially the ends, and overall it’s really soft and shiny.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is in need of a good, deep conditioning.  It’s a much cheaper (and natural) alternative to a deep conditioning in a salon or an expensive leave-in conditioner.  Two thumbs up!  I highly recommend. 🙂

Have you ever tried a leave-in oil treatment?  What did you think?  Did you go about it differently?  Leave me some tips, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, etc…  I’d love to hear them!

Anyway, good day to you all.  Hope you are well.  I’m writing from my big, red comfy couch.  The sunlight is streaming in my window, I’m sipping some coffee and drinking my water.  Life is beautiful. 🙂


Source: The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia

9 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and a Hair Experiment

  1. I’m from Kerala and use coconut oil for everything from head massages to salad and stir-fries. It’s great for the skin too; when I got a rash across my cheek, I just smeared some coconut oil on the area for a few days and it was gone. We also squeeze oil from fresh grated coconut for baby massage oils. Great stuff!

  2. I just blogged the other day about my excitement of finding coconut oil too! I spent all last night researching uses for coconut oil and was blown away. I have eczema and have dealt with dry skin and bumps my whole life. 2 nights ago i put the oil on my arms where i always have ugly bumps…the next morning, no joke, my bumps were almost GONE. (and I have spent tons of money on expensive lotions like Eucerin etc that never help the bumps go completely away) Even my boyfriend felt my arms today and said “whoa.” I have started using this oil in my cooking instead of olive oil (supposed to be healthier) and Just put it in my smoothie the other day
    …and i have been putting it on my feet because as a yoga teacher my feet are always barefoot and therefore dry! Also….(a little more personal but i HAVE to share with people who might have this problem) being that coconut oil is anti-fungal i have been using it on my bikini line which is constantly broken out from doing hot yoga (extreme sweat inducing yoga). I have used it 2 nights in a row before i go to bed and already see the rash disappearing. I am in love with this stuff already and have only had it 2 days!
    if you have a Costco near you, i just bought a HUUUUGE tub, im talking like 6 jars worth, for $15.99 and it smells and tastes JUST like a coconut 🙂 see recent post for a picture of it 🙂

    • That’s awesome!!! I am totally going to Costco!!!! :)Thanks for sharing all this information. I also get little bumps on the underside of my arms and the back of my legs. I am going to try rubbing some in tonight and seeing how it goes. Thanks for the tip!

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