Orange, Apple, Carrot, Beet Juice

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful day, wherever you are.  The days are counting down to my last day at work.  It’s so exciting and I plan to celebrate later in the week. 🙂 I will keep you all posted on my schedule and classes.  And I can’t wait to start yoga teacher training at Strala!

In regards to Strala, today’s post on the Strala blog is juice!  I haven’t posted a juice post in a while.  I can’t say I made this one.  It’s from my local, favorite natural food market here in Brooklyn.  Here’s part of the Strala blog post:

There’s a natural food market that has an organic juice bar not far from where I live.  Weekend mornings that are spent running here and there, completing errands that were neglected during the week are rarely complete without stopping for a fresh juice.  There are a few juice options on their menu but you can also concoct your own juices.  My latest and new favorite contains the juice of an orange, an apple, a few carrots and a few beets.  Look at the beautiful color that makes once they are all mixed!

For the rest of the post and benefits that that each ingredient provides, hop over to the Strala Blog and check it out.

Love and juice!

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