Tiny Bubbles In The Water

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a fantastic week.  It’s the last weeks of summer and the last few days to relax before life gets crazy again in September.  I am always sad to see summer end.  The Fall season is beautiful and I love the Christmas season but when the end of August rolls around it signals that another year is coming to an end, even though there’s a good 4 months to go.  I say this every year because between now and January there’s always something going on: tons of birthdays (including mine and Phil’s) showers, weddings, the holidays, on top of that there’s school and yoga teacher training, so the time will fly by.  I’m sad to see the end of 2012 so near.  It was truly a year of change for the better for many people but it’s only the bridge to bigger and better things.  Onward and upward friends! 😉

So today I want to briefly write about carbonated water.  A friend recently asked me if there are any harmful effects of drinking too much carbonated water, so I did a little research and here are a few things about seltzer.

  • When carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, carbonic acid is created which makes the acid in carbonated beverages slightly more acid than still water.
  • Some people say that it’s the carbonic acid in carbonated beverages that can harm your teeth.  But this is false.  Drinking a sugary colas with phosphoric and citric acid will harm your teeth, not carbonic acid.  In fact carbonic acid is found in many places, including the blood and rain water.  It’s effects are not anything to be concerned with.
  • Carbonated water will not harm your bones and cause osteoporosis.  Again, it’s not the carbonation that will harm your body.  It probably has more to do with the fact that people aren’t getting enough calcium.
  • Be wary of club soda.  Club soda can have sodium in it.  Check the ingredient label before drinking.
  • Check the label if drinking seltzer with any flavoring.  Be sure there isn’t any extra and/or artificial sugar.  Look for “naturally flavored” seltzer water.
  • Carbonated water will hydrate you.
  • In some cases, carbonated water may help with indigestion but it depends on your body.  In other cases, carbonated water (or any carbonated beverage for that matter) may cause bloating and/or gas and uncomfortable situations.  It may also cause acid reflux in some people.  If this happens to you, it’s probably better to stick with plain water.
  • Seltzer water and a twist of lime is always a good alternative if not drinking in a social setting.

So there you have it.  Nothing wrong with carbonated water other than it is slightly more acidic than tap water.  It’s nothing to worry about.  If these “tiny bubbles make you feel happy…” go for it.  Just be sure to check the ingredients label to be sure there is no sodium or extra and artificial sweeteners.  Cheers! 🙂


Nutrition Diva
Joy Bauer

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