Catching Up and An Official Announcement

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are doing great. 🙂

I have a lot of work to accomplish in my independent study in nutrition this summer and have been slightly stressing (not going to lie) and battling sleepiness at the same time.  Not a good combo.  It’s counter-productive when I’m trying to study and my eyes keep wanting to close.  I’ve been waking up very early each morning to study.  It’s definitely taking its toll but I’m making more of an effort to go to bed early so I can function like a normal human being during the day.  It will all pay off though.  And yoga and meditation and my normal morning routine help to keep my mind clear, for sure.

Since life is busy I almost forgot to take the time to mention that my blog is officially a year old.  I want to thank you all for all of your comments, encouraging words, love, blog ideas, and support over this “fly-by” year.  When I first started this blog I was slowly getting settled into going back to school but in the past few months this blog has really taken off and I am amazed at how many people all around the world I have corresponded with, helped, inspired, became friends with, etc.  It’s so amazing and awesome, and I never could have done this without you all.  So, thank you all, bunches. 🙂  This is awesome!

Now, for the official announcement.  As I mentioned, my life is busy.  This coming semester, I am going to take two, maybe three classes as well as teacher training at Strala.   Because of all of this, after a lot of deliberation, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to contribute the full, 40 hours/week to my job this fall.  So, after nearly six years, as of August 24, I will be officially leaving my current job to take the next step in my life and pursue my passion.  I am so excited!!!  I will hopefully have more time to study, practice yoga and work here on the blog.  I’m hoping to update it a little more, start some filming some vlogs and see where it goes from there.  I am working on finding a part-time, nutrition-related job.  If anyone has any options or ideas for work, or even some ways to start monetizing this blog, please let me know!

So that’s that. 🙂

How are you all?  What’s been going on in your lives?  Who’s been keeping up with the Olympics?  What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Love to you all.  And thank you all again!

8 thoughts on “Catching Up and An Official Announcement

  1. Congrats! I quit my job a few years ago to go back to school and I remember how exciting, but kind of scary it was. Looking back, it was def a good choice!

  2. So happy for you because you have found your passion. I always enjoy you blog a lot and think you are a great writer. My prayers that you can find at every step the opportunities that will bring you closer to fulfill your dream. Love, cmo

  3. Oh my Sunshine, I am so very happy for you! I will miss you dearly at work, but I am thrilled you can finally do what you are meant to do!

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