I though a nice way to start sharing recipes would be through Green Smoothies! They are absolutely delicious, and provide a strong and clear mind for the rest of the day. The secret is that the fresh (raw) vegetables and fruit hold so many nutrients to fuel our whole body, that you’ll never need caffeine ever again. YOUR BODY JUST WANT THE RIGHT NUTRIENTS! 

I’ve been making them for my beloved boyfriend, who was a devout morning coffee drinker. It took a couple of weeks, but he has successfully weened himself off of the AM-caffeine fix; AND he just shared with me that his 5-coffee-a-day co-worker has experienced the same energy boost from making morning green smoothies and lives a coffee-free life. I think we are witnessing the start of a GREEN Revolution! 

*aside:you can tell a lot about a culture and its society by looking at its legal ‘drugs’. Yes, you ought to…

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