Add Some Yoga To Your Day Job

“Many of us work in office spaces or at computers for many hours during the day. If you’re one of the many, you intimately understand how the human body is not meant to be spent sitting in a chair for eight hours a day.  Even the esteemed oncologist,  Dr. David Agus argues that sitting in a chair for an extended period of time each day is as detrimental to your health as smoking.

It is healthy to get up and walk around your office and take a few moments to stretch your ankles, waist, wrists, shoulders, neck and spine.  Doing this a few times each day will draw your attention back inward and improve your focus.  It will also keep your body from cramping and aching while you type and help you feel less fatigued in the afternoon.  I write from personal experience.”

You can check out more of what I wrote over at the Strala Yoga Blog and see an awesome video of Mike (Tara Stiles’ husband) practicing flying crow on a cubicle!  Pretty inspirational and impressive if you ask me.

For some simple stretches easy to accomplish while sitting at your desk, check out my post on office chair yoga.

Happy Monday everyone! Love!!

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