To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

…That is the question.

Today’s Strala Blog post is about cleansing.  I have been exploring the idea of doing a cleanse but there’s so many out there.  Which cleanse is the best?  Which one will keep me energized and healthy?  There’s so many questions I have before I delve in.  So I would like input from anyone who has tried one before.  Leave a comment or email me and let me know about your experience.  

In the meantime, here’s a preview of today’s post over at the Strala Blog:

A recent New York Times article entitled “Cleansing from Cubicle to Cubicle” featured random office co-workers who teamed-up for a few days of juice cleansing.  The point is to create camaraderie and a support-filled working environment among employees.  In some cases it even increased productivity.  Rather than take a lunch break, people worked through lunch or stayed later in the evening instead of putting themselves in the way of temptation.

The first time I ever heard about a cleanse was on a cruise a few years ago.  I spent over an hour speaking to a personal trainer about health and healthy lifestyles.  He tried to sell me on a SUPER-expensive green algae cleanse which I declined because when I say SUPER-expensive, I mean, SUPER-expensive.  But I left this trainer with a different outlook on my own personal health and the desire to want to explore cleanses a little more….

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I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a nice Monday. 🙂

5 thoughts on “To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

  1. I have tried three cleanses before, I have tried one that was food based, another that was a juice cleanse (I only survived a day and half :S) and the other was a pill based one.
    The food based one was definitely the best, I didn’t feel ravenous for food, but it did leave me with absolutely no energy. I felt almost like I was getting sick, like a cold. I just felt depleted which I suppose is the point. You’re giving your GI tract a chance to replenish bacterial sources and regrow any damaged villi. It’s like a mass reset, so experiencing fatigue during the process only makes sense but if you are trying this during a work week, that is never a good idea.
    The juice one just didn’t work for me at all! Juicing is great as a snack option but to fully replace all 3 meals, I just couldn’t do it. It didn’t make me feel full at all and the majority of the time I spent anxious and distressed because I was so hungry. That only lasted a day and half before I caved to solids.
    The pill based one seemed easy, take twice a day an hour before food, drink lots of water and restrict dairy. I stuck to it for 1 1/2 weeks but the terrible gut wrenching, excuse me for being so frank, diarrhea that it gave me made me stop the pills. I was absorbing no water on these pills which made me worry and made me feel like if people use this for losing weight, it is a giant scam. All you’re losing is water weight at best and that’s not healthy on a long term basis. You’re suppose to take these pills twice a day for 4 weeks then once a day for another 4 weeks. I tried once again but at 1 pill a day, I still had the gastric upset, so I decided it wasn’t for me.
    I think when it comes to cleansing, every body’s bodies are so different to what their needs are that some cleanses would work for some people while others need something else. If you know your body well enough to know it can handle a juicing cleanse or a food restriction cleanse then by all means give it a try. It isn’t like once you start you can’t stop, if you find yourself in discomfort to the point of not being able to function or more stressed, then it’s not worth it. The point of a cleanse is to reset your body naturally, not traumatically.
    I recommend a food based one and would suggest doing it at a time when you are not working, like a weekend so that if you are fatigued you don’t have a lot of priorities that require you to be on your game.
    Or you could always formulate your own cleanse, if you know your body well enough, find things that you know are healthy and restrict certain things from your diet that you feel you may need less of at the moment. That may be enough to give you what you need or what you are looking for from a cleanse.
    Oh god I am so sorry for the mini rant/book I just wrote.
    I’m done now I swear!

  2. I have never done a cleanse. I am worried I would get so ravenous I’d try to eat my own arm. Or feel the need to kill somebody bcse I get like that when I’m hungry 😉
    But I have had periods of detoxing when I have eaten only fruits, veggies and some form of whole grains and legumes. Nothing else allowed for a few days. It’s like pressing reset for my system 🙂

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