A Saturday at the Greenmarket

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!  My beautiful sister was in town visiting our dad for Father’s Day.  It was a wonderful weekend full of family, fun and food.  I don’t get to see my sister too often because she lives in Chicago.  It’s always a wonderful treat when she comes into town.

Before she arrived on Saturday morning, Phil and I took an early morning walk to our local Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza here in Brooklyn.  It’s so nice to walk around, take in the beautiful morning sunshine and buy some awesome fresh produce.  So today’s Strala Yoga Blog post is some photo-documentation of the Greenmarket this past Saturday.  It begins with this beautiful picture which emulates the beauty of the morning and the wonderful, local produce provided by some fabulous local farms.

We bought the zucchini and about 10 peaches.  They were AMAZING!!!!

Love to you all.  Have a happy and healthy day! 🙂

PS – Happy Birthday, Jeanette!! Love you!

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