Focus on the Positive

“Focus on the positive” became my mantra in yoga yesterday because I have been in a bit of a negative funk and I’m not really sure why.  These things happen.  We’re all human and not perfect.  For me, it’s hard to keep my head above other people’s negative opinions, or even, the lack thereof.  But, in yoga yesterday I realized that worrying about the future and worrying about what other people think are not worth it.  I know that’s something we hear all the time and it is certainly easier said than done but just like yoga, being positive is a practice.  This is something I need to work on.  Just saying “be positive” over and over again are not the magic words to – “poof” – make a positive person.  I have come to realize that a step towards more positive thinking is to be aware and thankful for what matters most: the present and the present surroundings and company.  I put together the following for you all but also so I can begin to take my own advice. 🙂

When you’re in a funk, and nothing seems right and the voice inside your head is holding you back from your life’s fullest potential, making you afraid and telling you that you’re not good enough, what do you do?  Or the “what if” syndrome starts to perk up: “if I do this, then what if this bad thing happens?”  Or “What if that thing doesn’t work out? It would be so embarrassing.”  What do you do then?  This negative voice traps you and holds you captive.  This voice is hard to shake, stressing you out and making the thoughts even louder.

……But you know what?……

All of that noise is in your head.  Only you are creating it.  Take a look around.  There isn’t anyone pointing nasty fingers and telling you “no!”  (…Is there?  ‘Cause that would be weird and kind of scary.)  Now, take a look inward, to stay positive in this mental mess, you have to be strong, fight those thoughts and accept that those thoughts are not real.  What is real, is you; what you are doing in this life is real and what you want out of life can be a reality.  “You gotta be in it, to win it.”  So why let negativity keep you on the sidelines?  Don’t reach for a cookie or a bag of chips to make you feel better, go out and exercise and/or do whatever you can to get those negative voices out of your head and life the life you’ve imagined.

When the negative voices are managed, focus on the positive in your life.  You have a roof over your head, you can put food on your plate.  If you’re reading this, chances are you are fortunate enough to have some kind of electronic that isn’t cheap.  Be thankful for those around you who love and support you.  Treat them with kindness and remember that mortality isn’t permanent.  These are just some basic examples but you can continue to expand this positivity into your work and other aspects of life.  Just think about it and get rid of the negative thoughts to assess what is right for you.  Only then can you be truly happy.

When there’s so much negativity in the world, it’s hard to remain positive and keep your head high.  On a daily basis life tosses you curve balls.  Rarely do plans play out perfectly.  As yogi’s we learn to accept the fact that we’re never going to be perfect and masterful at poses and meditation and ultimately life.  Really, who is?  It is with acceptance that positivity will come.

Any other thoughts and suggestions?

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