Get Out Of Your Head

We have all experienced times in our yoga practice where we might physically be in tree pose, for example, but find ourselves mentally drifting and making a list of the errands we have to run after class and wishing there was a pen and paper around so as to not forget.  Or sometimes, if you’re like me, you find yourself thinking, maybe even stressing, about the pose your in, rather than letting your body do the work and just being present.  Yesterday morning, as I was practicing yoga, particularly when I was in Warrior II, I found myself thinking a lot about the sensations going on in my body: whether I was deep enough in the pose, which muscles I could feel working, wondering if my feet were properly aligned, I could go on, but I think you get the point.  Basically, I was stressing and fussing.

Once I became aware that my mind was completely garbled, a voice suddenly rang out from somewhere deep inside saying “get out of your head!”  Aha!  This was like a yoga kick in the butt for me; a wake-up call from my subconscious to stop thinking.  I paused for a moment to understand what just occurred and magically felt my mind go silent.  The silence and stillness in the room became beautifully apparent. Those magic words bubbled up from the inside and made a world of difference for the remainder of the morning’s practice.  I felt my face ease up, my body lightened, the tension in my neck disappeared, and there I was, suddenly feeling like I completely embodied the Warrior II position.  And, I began to smile. 🙂  It was pretty cool.

It became my mantra for the day and it made me think that not only does this pertain to yoga, but to life in general.  When times are tough, it’s much easier think through a difficult situation if you take a deep breath and get out of your head, so you can stop stressing and act with clarity.  The next time you find yourself in a stressful, worrisome situation, rather than staying clenched and stressed, try to remember to get out of your own head.  Or maybe, if you pay attention, your subconscious will bubble up with a similar mantra.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Love!

7 thoughts on “Get Out Of Your Head

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