One Lovely Blog Award!

The anatomy final is almost here and over (for this semester).  By the time you read this I will either be getting ready to take the final, taking the final, or already finished with it.  Any which way, I’m excited to have my Saturdays back and some normalcy.  It’ll be nice to be able to wake up,  go to the local farmers market, clean my apartment, run my errands.  You get the idea…all those things that got neglected this semester.  But first things first.  I want to express my deepest gratitude to Marie Wetmore for giving me the honor of the “One Lovely Blog Award” last week!  (I’m a little late on this, sorry!)  Marie is a life coach with fantastic blog posts, videos and podcasts covering a wide variety of topics from self confidence to meditation for handling stress.  I have been watching some of her videos and find them really inspiring.  And, as always, I want to also thank everyone for reading my blog and showing your support and sharing your feedback.  It’s really inspiring and helpful to hear from all of you.  Not to mention, it makes what I’m trying to accomplish a little easier each day.  Thanks everyone!

The rules of the “One Lovely Blog Award” are as follows:

  • Share who gave it to you and link back to their blog.
  • Write down seven random facts about yourself.
  • Give this award 15 other bloggers.
  • Let them know they’ve won.
  • Pop the award on your blog.

7 Random Facts about myself:

  1. Call me weird, but, I don’t like peanut butter and chocolate as a combo (separate :-), together :-()
  2. It’s very hard for me to sit still – that’s why I love yoga so much 🙂
  3. I love to travel.
  4. Soups are my favorite food to cook.
  5. I am an animal lover.
  6. I am a history buff.
  7. My father narrowly escaped Hungary during the Revolution there in 1956.

From one lovely blogger to another:

  1. Alternativeeating
  2. A Charmed Yogi
  3. Chez Chloe
  4. thisdynamiclifeblog
  5. Self Blossoming
  6. Healthyfrenchie
  7. Dr. Tijana
  8. Yoga with Nadine
  9. Spinach and Yoga
  10. The Teacup Chronicles
  11. Mrs. Buena Vida
  12. Veggiezest
  13. storybookapothecary
  14. Femmegypsy
  15. Everywhereist

8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

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