It was quite a busy weekend and I have a huge test on the joints, muscles, nerves and spine coming up on Saturday.  I am doing really well in Anatomy and Physiology so I want to keep up the good work.  I had to finish writing out all my flash-cards before I began writing anything here.  I finished last night and now have a stack of about 200 flash cards, about 2-3 inches tall that I have to learn. 🙂  Not to mention, Thursday is our fourth wedding anniversary and after the test on Saturday we are going to Puerto Rico for a little getaway.  So excited!!  But yeah on top of all that I have to pack and take Nimbus to my parents house before Saturday, meet with my lab partners to study and, of course, practice some yoga…oh yeah, and I have to go to work.  When there’s a lot going on, I have a tendency to become scatter-brained to the point that I feel I have dementia.  Scary!!  So I set my priorities.  For example, today my first priority (after writing this) is to make some juice, study (while on my subway commute and on my lunch break) then work (I hate when my “day job” gets in the way of my real life ;-)) then get to a yoga class tonight.  I know it will help to keep me grounded and focused so I don’t go crazy.  Setting priorities is what today’s post is about.

When there’s a lot going on in life, both personally and at work, and your priorities are not straight, it’s nearly impossible complete anything to the fullest potential.  We’ve all felt overwhelmed, fatigued, unmotivated and sometimes crazed by the amount of work to be done in both personal and business lives at one point or another.  Sometimes everything is motivation enough to  run away, hide under the bed covers and pretend as if your responsibilities don’t exist.

So what does one do when the going gets tough?

I say, take the bull by the horns and get going!  Scrounging up the determination is usually the first step.  Putting on some good motivating music, the kind that gets you pumped and moving will help.  Mentally prepare yourself to focus in and complete your work.  When you’re determined and motivated, write out a list of  tasks arranging what is most imperative to complete.  With a clear mind, think of the easiest path to complete your work.  If it means writing out a strict schedule for the week, then write out a schedule.  Realize what’s most important and take one task at a time.  As my brother-in-law would say, “don’t chase many bunnies…pick one to chase and you will win.”  The hard part is coming to terms with the fact that the task at hand may not be the most important thing in the world to you, but it’s the most demanding of your time and energy at that moment.  And sometimes, it’s better to get the little things out of the way (if they won’t take too long) so they’re not looming overhead as a distraction.  Figure out what works for you and get the job done.

Happy prioritizing!

Do you have any prioritizing tips?  Leave a comment, let me know!  Thanks! 🙂

PS – I added a Facebook page and widget on the right side of the page.  Click like if you like me. 🙂  And, I was nominated for a Sunshine Award!  More on that later.  Time is running out to make/drink some juice!

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