Counting My Blessings 4/20/2012

This week has had it’s ups and down.  I am purposely writing down singularly because one of my best friend’s grandfather passed away.  I didn’t know him well but I do know he had a great sense of humor and served our country in the Korean War.  He was awarded the Purple Heart.

His Purple Heart made me think of  my grandmother.  At a very young age I remember drawing a purple heart and she told me that I shouldn’t.  She explained that Purple Hearts were specially reserved for men and women who serve(d) in the U.S. military.  I’m still not sure why I couldn’t draw one, it’s possible that I misunderstood her.  Her husband, who served in the Navy in World War II passed away probably shortly before this interaction.  Maybe it had something to do with that?


My grandmother passed away almost a year ago from cancer and last night I fell asleep thinking about her amazing sewing ability.  She would make really nice clothes and costumes as I was growing up.  Daily, she inspires me to make each day great and help make the world a slightly better place by spreading love, advice, help and smiles.  She was always interested in nutrition and how the foods we eat affect us.  She preferred to eat a better diet than take heart medication.  Not to mention, she was the first person to teach me the importance of a freshly squeezed juice!  I like to hope that she’s guiding me through this journey into nutritional health, wellness and yoga.  I taught her basic meditation and yoga poses including reverse prayer pose (which she was able to do, with ease :-)) just before she got sick.  It’s a memory I will cherish forever.

Here are this week’s blessings:

  1. Grandma – you are forever and always in my heart.  You set me on the right path.  Thank you for everything you t
  2. aught me.
  3. Grandpa Charlie – thank you for your service to our country and for one of my best friends.  She always makes me laugh the hardest…sometimes a little too hard.
  4. Spring Break (always a nice respite from continual studying).
  5. A great new breakfast: Granola, greek yogurt and frozen berries.
  6. Baseball!
  7. Megan – the amazing friend who invited me!!  Thank you again!!
  8. Having the means to travel (upcoming 6-day vacation! :-))
  9. Fresh air – it’s so nice to be outside and take a warm, fresh and rejuvenating breath.  It always makes everything seem better.
  10. Sunshine – After being cooped up all winter, the vitamin D is warmly welcomed!
  11. Thank you all for reading! 🙂

I hope everyone had a great week and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Class starts again tomorrow.  Finishing-up the study of muscles and onto the nervous system.

Any fun/interesting weekend plans? 

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