For The Love Of The Game

Hi Everyone!  Last night I was invited to a Yankee game by one of my besties that I’ve known since high school.  So totally awesome!!

Now, if you know me, I know what you’re thinking…

YOU went to a YANKEE game??”


(And yes, my mother knew I was there.)

My parents are HUGE baseball lovers and plan their summer days around the Met’s schedule.  My mother grew up in Queen’s and was a die-hard Brooklyn Dodger fan.  When the Dodgers left NY in 1957 for LA my mother couldn’t bring herself to be a Yankee fan.  Especially after this huge upset:

So, when the Met’s came to town, my mother’s world was at peace, and, in turn, I was born and raised a Met fan.  When I moved to Washington, D.C. for college and the National’s played their inaugural season, I considered myself a National’s fan.  My friends and I went to a lot of games and have some great memories.

When it really comes down to it, I’m a fan of baseball. I love the game, always have and always will.  I don’t feel it’s sacrilegious to go to a Yankee game while being a “Met fan”.  I will never pass up an opportunity to watch a live game, regardless of what team is playing.  There’s nothing like being in a ballpark, watching a live baseball game and eating a hot dog and peanuts.

(Side note: as a child, I spent the summer of 1992 pretending to be a Rockford Peach inspired by the movie A League of Their Own.)

Anyway, they must have known I was coming and wouldn’t be pleased with their lack of healthy food options, so they gave these out:

 I’m going to grow my own tomato plant!  Thanks Yankee Stadium!

They did offer corn on the cob as a food option, but my friend informed me that it was doused in butter.  And I did scope out a stand that sold gluten-free buns for hot dogs and sausages.  But I didn’t feel too much guilt eating typical ballpark food because I ate my granola for breakfast and chickpea salad for lunch.  When in Rome. 🙂

By the way, the Yankees lost to the Twins, 6-5.  (The Met’s lost to the Braves, 14-6.)

7 thoughts on “For The Love Of The Game

    • Thanks! I think it’s the people that run the individual stadiums that decide on the food that is served. For instance, Citifield has an amazing assortment of food. You can get sushi and lobster rolls there!

  1. Horray for Yankees losing! Die-hard Boston fan here 😉 I’ve been in Jersey for 4 years now and I still haven’t been to a Yankees game. No thanks. Unless my Hubs wants to find tickets for the Sox series. Once in a while there really is nothing better than sunshine, baseball a beer and a hot dog! 🙂

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