Office Chair Yoga Stretches

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday morning!  It’s time to start another week.  Mondays are hard for a lot of people.  It is certainly hard to go back to work after a nice weekend.  But just remember, it’s your choice to make them tough.  If you approach Mondays with an open mind and heart, anticipate the day, then it may not be so bad.

I got a new desk chair at work and at first I really liked it because it was a nice change from the less supportive, super-old chair I had.  Now that I have sat with it for a few weeks, I am coming to realize that it’s too big for me and it’s turning out to be even more uncomfortable than the last chair.  I have found myself stretching more often, which isn’t a bad thing anyway.  So here are a few of the stretches I have been doing to keep myself comfortable, happy and productive while stuck in a chair at work.

Wrists:  flex and extend both wrists as shown in the photo courtesy of (this can be performed seated or standing)

Ankles: while sitting in your chair, extend your knees a little so the feet are off the floor, roll around your ankles in and out (this can be done one at a time or simultaneously)

Waist: while seated or standing, interlace your fingers and reach up the arms over the head.  From your sides, bend over to the right and left and remember to take deep inhales and exhales with each movement.  Keep it light and easy.  Don’t force anything.

Shoulders: either seated or standing with both feet flat on the floor and your weight distributed evenly between both feet, fold over your legs, resting your chest on your thighs (if you’re standing and your chest won’t touch your thighs, bend your knees).  Let your head, neck and arms hang.  Next, interlace the fingers behind you and raise your arms behind you.  Don’t force this one either.  Go as far as you can until you feel a good stretch in the shoulders.  If it hurts, back off.  (picture courtesy of Barry Stone and

Neck: reach your left arm over your right ear and stretch the head over to the left side.  Repeat and stretch to the right side.  Remember to keep breathing (roll the head down and around from one side to the other if that feels good).  This is good for headaches and if you have some eye strain, keep your eyes closed while performing this stretch.

Spine: twist around from the belly to look behind you.  With each inhale lengthen the spine. Don’t force this one by pulling yourself around using the back of the chair or the arm rest.  Just take it easy.  (pictures from and

Finally, for a good anytime stretch step out into down dog and take a few deep inhales and exhales.  If you’re like me and your desk is in the open for all to see, you might have to go to the bathroom for this one.

These few, easy, light stretches can be done by anyone while at work but can be performed anywhere at any time.  When you feel cramped and in need of some tension release try these before you eat, in a movie theatre (just don’t disrupt the people around you), on a park bench, etc.

Do you have any office yoga stretches you prefer?  Let me know by leaving a comment!

Have a great day everyone!  Happy Monday!

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