Work-out Tunes

In lieu of my post yesterday about The Yoga Trinity and the importance of music, movement and meditation as part of a well-rounded work-out, I decided to share some of the music I like when I’m practicing yoga at home or jogging in the park.

Now, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my yoga playlist starts with Bella’s Lullabye from the  Twilight soundtrack.  I like instrumental pieces and I think this is actually a good, reflective one that’s useful when centering oneself.  But also really enjoy Alexi Murdoch’s Breathe (because it’s always good to have a reminder) and Orange Sky.  Alexi Murdoch’s music is great for flowing through sun salutations.  Ziggy Marley’s Love Is My Religion is one of my favorites and pianist, George Winston makes a few appearances as well.  When going for a jog I like Leonah by the local band, Wyatt (the lead singer, Maddy, is totally awesome).  Various songs by The Who are on my list, Kanye: Stronger, and I love Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson.  Rodrigo and Gabriela, Spanish guitar duo have some great tunes too.  Finally, to stretch, cool down and meditate, I enjoy Joe Ebel’s Annie’s Garden.  It’s another, beautiful instrumental piece that makes me visualize a beautiful garden (preferably in the U.K. :-)).  It helps to bring closure to the practice or the work-out.

What do you like to listen to when you work-out?  Do you follow a similar pattern in music?

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