The Yoga Trinity: Music, Movement & Meditation

My yoga practice always involves a mix of music that is a big help in getting lost in flowing movement, breath and meditation.  As a yoga practitioner, music has inspired me to create what I like to think of as The Yoga Trinity: music that inspires movement and ultimately meditation.  The Yoga Trinity can apply to however you choose to exercise, and whatever age that you are.  Follow The Yoga Trinity and it will make for a great work-out.  Music is what will drive you to move, so pick some great, personally relatable tunes, breathe deeply throughout and then meditate and reflect.

Most of the time, yoga class starts in a meditative position such as child’s pose, lotus, or just a comfortable, upright seated position with a good meditative piece of music.  If you’re running or doing some other physical activity, it’s best to start off with some slow stretches; so why not start off with some slower-paced music that you enjoy?  Focus on what you’re about to do and breathe some life into the muscles you will use for your exercise.  Once you begin to move, switch your music to something that speaks to you while slowly picking up the pace or a driving beat.  Wind down with a tune that brings a smile to your face, as it’s always nice to end your exercise with a smile.  When you’ve finished, meditate with some quiet music or reflect quietly on what you just accomplished.  Move on to the rest of your day with your head held high because you did something good for yourself.

I was a music major in college and though I chose not to have a career in the music industry, music has always been a huge part of my life.  It can keep us moving when we’re tired; it’s inspirational; it aids in communication; it can speak to us on a subconscious level; it can bring forth raw emotion and it’s therapeutic.  When I hear a really beautiful piece of music, there’s nothing I can do other than stop, listen and feel, and then use it as a means for creation.  Music is like the breath and spirit of the planet. It’s constantly propelling us forward, and for me, is the biggest source of inspiration.

What are some of your work-out tunes?  Do you follow a similar pattern to The Yoga Trinity?   

3 thoughts on “The Yoga Trinity: Music, Movement & Meditation

  1. My favorite music for Meditating is “In a Monastery Garden”. To me it is the perfect fit and creates beautiful music pictures in your mind. Thank you this is a great help.

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