Operation No Meat Has Ended

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick post as an update.  Yes, I ate some meat last night.  On my way home from work I decided I wanted to make some healthy-ish nacho salad with some lean, ground turkey.  My husband was working late, so I wanted him to have a decent meal when he got home as well.  I figured that I  was already passed my 40 day goal so why not?  It was yummy and nothing happened.  It was like I never stopped eating meat, actually.  Which is a relief to me.  I was a little afraid my body would revolt.

Giving up meat was a good experience though, and I recommend anyone try it for a certain period of time.  Like I mentioned in my post on day 34, not only has it expanded my palate and opened me up to eating more fish and tofu, but I felt great!  Today I feel fine and dandy but I do feel that slightly heavy feeling in my intestines.  Maybe I’m psychosomatic?  😉 But either way, I’m going to limit my meat intake from now on.  The way I have felt in the last 40 days was too good to give up.

In other news, I video-documented a little of me cooking this nacho salad concoction and showed off my tiny Brooklyn kitchen last night.  Stay tuned for some video blog entries in the future.  🙂

Today is my last day in the office until Tuesday!  WOOHOO!!  I’m looking forward to some running, yoga and meditation in the serene apple orchards and countryside of Central PA.

Sending you all love!!!

One thought on “Operation No Meat Has Ended

  1. I eat meat only once or twice a week, but I find if I eat a fattier / heavier cut I can feel it.. So it might not all be psychosomatic 🙂
    I love how not eating a lot of meat gives you the freedom to explore so many other food options. I’m glad your experience went well. And starting again with white meat is a good idea.

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