Keep Breathing

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and there’s a lot going on, I take a few deep breaths.  Sometimes it works and some times it doesn’t, depending on my level of anxiety. Some days the breaths have to be a little deeper and come from deep within.  I used to sing, so I equate this type of breath with a “singer’s breath”: a deep breath from the diaphragm that you can also feel in your back.  When you feel your lower-back expand, you know you’re doing this correctly.  I make an effort to take at least one breath this way in each position in yoga class.  It really helps to work the stress out, mentally and physically.

Along with these breaths, I try to picture myself in a setting like the one in this picture.  I close my eyes, breath-in and mentally surround myself by quiet and beauty.  This is great when you are looking for a quick escape from fast-paced city life.  Actually, I sometimes do this on the subway.  I put some relaxing music on my iPhone and close my eyes.  It works until someone bumps into me or steps on my foot.

But I will be honest right now and say that I am experiencing some mental angst and need a reminder to take a few minutes to breathe and bring myself back to center.  As a warning, I’m about to vent a little. I apologize in advance.  I’m not a complainer, but I need some help and advice from anyone who can help.

Currently, my job can create a lot of anxiety.  It forces me to take many deep breaths, many, many times a day.  It’s not stressful work but some of the people I work with make it stressful, which, I feel is terrible because it doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s an unfulfilling job and every day is harder than the last.  I know some people would say that I am lucky to have a job, that I shouldn’t leave until I have something else lined up and that everyone has similar issues in their work place.  And that’s totally all true, but I’m a young person, stuck working at a job that’s not my life’s passion.  Nutrition, overall health and well-being, yoga, meditation – those are my passions, obviously.  Okay, sorry….so I’m remaining calm and breathing….just keep breathing, breathing, breathing….

So, please offer some advice.  I think we all go through times like this at one point or another.  I hope to benefit from some wise words of wisdom.  Not to mention, does anyone have any ideas on a new job, for someone like me, who needs to break into the health field but doesn’t have any background besides taking a few science courses as pre-requisites to a Masters program and a blog?  I really appreciate everyone’s help, love and support.

9 thoughts on “Keep Breathing

  1. How about writing about food? You clearly enjoy writing (hence the blog), so the two might go well together? I think what many people really want to read is not some scientific bla bla but a hands on approach to HOW anyone’s life can become a healthy one. It’s always nice to follow one’s passion, but to combine two is even better. 🙂 Well, just some random thoughts…

  2. I find it’s helpful to focus on the things that are within your control. People may stress around you, but most of the time their problems have nothing to do with you, or at least that’s how it works most of the time around here. Just focus on doing your job to the best of your ability and stay positive.

  3. Hello there! As a full-time writer of books and a former journalist, I encourage you to pursue the writing gig but to do it while you’ve got a job! It took me a long time to break into the business full-time. Journalism is easier to get into, but the pay is horrid, and the hours aren’t much better!

    Now, onto other possibilities — have you considered a marriage of loves (food and health)? Perhaps being a dietitian is what you’re meant to do, or you might even find happiness as an herbalist?

    Insofar as the wisdom is concerned, let me tell you that what you’re experiencing with your current crop of workmates is the same thing you’ll experience if you move to another uninteresting job where you’re not motivated to do anything more than just collect a paycheck. People are people, and when cliques form and personalities conflict, the only thing that will overcome it is passion. You’ve got to find that passion. Once you have that, you’ll still have to deal with the deadbeats, but you’ll find they don’t annoy you nearly as much.

    • Hi Mark! Thank you for that great deal if info! It’s good to hear since you have first-hand knowledge on how the writing and journalism fields work. That’s great advice. What’s the best way to break into journalism? Do you need an agent? I have to say that having this blog and being able to write gives me a complete outlet from the stress that can occur in my office. The passion I have that leads me to write and share recipes and ideas, etc. gets me through the day and everything else seems unimportant.

      • Good afternoon! Nice post today, by the way…it’s nice to see that you’ve moved on to better times. Counting blessings is a great way to see everything that you have, even when you don’t have everything that you want!

        OK, now to your questions…I got into journalism by applying to a small newspaper as a reporter. With a degree in English and a love for writing, I got the job. It didn’t take long before my Editor realized that I wrote much better than his average reporter, and before I knew it, I was promoted to features and editorials. From there, I was offered a job with a national publication, and it spiraled out of control after that! 🙂 Everyone seems to have their own stories about how they made it.

        Listen, though. If you like to write, and you like to write about food and nutrition, why don’t you use your blog as a means of developing a book about those very things. That way, you’re basically writing a little bit each day. That’s how books tend to be written anyway! Be passionate and creative, and bring a different perspective to the table, and you’ll have something unique and informative.

        To get published, it’s much easier to have an agent “sell” the book for you. But it’s not necessary because their are so many ways to self-publish these days. Amazon has some awesome opportunities for budding authors, so you should check them out.

      • Once again, Mark, thank you for the abundance of info! I will look into Amazon and the book writing. I was thinking that as well but I didn’t know Amazon had that opportunity. That’s great! Thanks!

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