No Meat – Day 34

The 40 days of Lent are almost over.  Technically it’s over on April 1, Palm Sunday, and I haven’t decided if I want to stretch it to Easter Sunday for a 47-day run.

Around my last update about my 40-day abstinence from meat, guacamole and chocolate (which was circa day 20) my mind and body were so used to eating meat and chocolate that I was having major cravings and even dreams about eating a salad with pork, or accidentally eating chocolate.  I found myself desiring sweet substitutes for chocolate because I couldn’t have that little piece of chocolate.  Thank goodness for that juicer!  It has thankfully thrown off the sweet cravings.   And we all know the nutritional benefits of juicing are far better than a cream puff.

In the last two weeks, my mental/physical states have calmed down and gotten used to this routine.  Though, I decided full-on vegetarianism wasn’t quite for me, I think my palate expanded.  I needed fish, so I ate fish.  So we’ll say I experimented with “pescatarianism” instead of vegetarianism for this time.  I didn’t like fish when I was little and stayed away from it for a long time.  In the past 34 days, I’ve eaten more fish than ever before and feel great!  After a nice fish meal (usually tuna, swordfish, salmon, orange roughy or lemon sole) I haven’t felt gross, engorged, bloated or nauseous.  You know, that feeling we all get after eating a heavy, meat-oriented meal?  Also, I have started to eat tofu.  I like tofu, but I always looked at tofu like it’s that thing that vegans and vegetarians eat, therefore not something I can eat; it’s their’s and not mine.  I realized that I had made up some dumb subconscious rule that I lived by and have no idea why.  This mindset could stem from the fact that I am a meat eater and tofu is probably the last thing  I’d order in a restaurant.  But I surely will now.  It’s great!  And such a great substitute when meat isn’t “what’s for dinner.”  (My husband hates it though, so it’s obviously not for everyone.)

After all these days of no red meat, chicken, or any other type of meat that would creep in, because my intestines aren’t working so hard to break down and digest meat, I feel lighter , more energized, and never better, really.  I haven’t lost weight, but I don’t feel heavy and weighed down.  I started to run this season.  It’s been great so far and my husband and I get to enjoy our beautiful park together.  Yoga is going well too.

Has this time period without meat converted me to be  vegetarian?  No.  Will I eat meat again?  Yes.  I have just realized that there are many more delicious food options out there that don’t have to include meat.  Will my consumption of meat be significantly less after this experiment? Yes, for sure.  Why put myself through feeling gross and sick after a meal?  Why would anyone want that?  Will I abstain from meat for a period of time again?  Absolutely.  ….Gosh, I hope I still like meat after all this….

I leave you with this morning’s breakfast: orange, apple, kale, carrot.  Yum!

Do you eat meat?  Have you ever stopped eating meat for a period of time?  What were your experiences like?  Let me know in a comment.

3 thoughts on “No Meat – Day 34

  1. Way to go, Food Yogi! I don’t eat a ton of meat, but I’ve never taken the time to notice what I feel like when I do versus when I don’t. You’re inspiring me to start taking notice!

    • Thanks Jeanette! I’m actually amazed, at about a week into this, I realized I was feeling different in a good way. I really like it. Let me know what you begin to discover. 🙂

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