Reflections of Yoga and Chocolate

The long awaited post about my yoga retreat weekend is at last here!  (Sorry about the delay, life has been busy)

The weekend was chock full of yoga, chocolate, spa time, good heart-to-heart talks and introspection at the Hotel Hershey.  There were two restorative yoga classes in which there were long periods of time in meditation.  In a word: bliss, in Hershey (no pun intended).

Before the first class began, the teacher asked us to pick a word that is personally empowering or something we don’t normally see ourselves as, but would like to.   We didn’t have to tell anyone, but it would be our mantra to meditate on throughout the whole weekend.  I will share that I picked thoughtfulness and confidence. These were just the first two words that came to mind.

I picked thoughtfulness because sometimes I feel that I  walk around with blinders on and only think of myself (I guess it’s a good thing that I recognize this).  I can be working and completely ignore others and realize the rudeness afterwards.  I meditated on being more thoughtful and considerate towards others feelings.

Confidence then came around.  I am a shy person and I find it hard to put myself forward to break into new surroundings.  I am also not big on attention in certain circumstances (I know this is weird for someone who used to perform in musical theatre).  I needed confidence to step into this new group of women.  It was a little scary but I did well enough.  Now”confidence” is stuck repeating in my head, nearly a constant reminder, which is a very good thing.  I have found that it’s brought empowerment to my whole mind and body as I am speaking, thinking or just observing the world.  It’s a process that I know will one day kick in to it’s fullest potential.  I’ve realized that some people are naturally confident and others have to practice.

I’m so happy and thankful that I went on this retreat.  After all, going on a yoga retreat this year was one of my New Year resolutions.  It left me with a great sense of peace and inner focus, which are two things I am trying desperately to hold onto, after being thrust back into the crazy, hectic lifestyle of New York City.  Though, one practice that is easier than confidence is unwrapping and taking a luxurious bite out rich chocolate (preferably raw and dark, but that’s just me).  That can give me peace and inner focus right about now…  😉

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