I’m On My Way!

Hi everyone,

This week, I got a notebook, sharpened some pencils (which stabbed me, twice) and headed off to my first day of class.  It’s amazing how the same nervous butterflies came rushing back.  Those fears of walking into the wrong class, being left off the attendance list ,or tripping and falling over something and then everyone knows me as the girl who fell, all cause me major anxiety.  I had to remind myself to just keep breathing, breathing, breathing.  By the time I was in the classroom on Monday evening, learning about lab safety, I calmed down and could tell I was in a good, safe, educational, nonjudgmental environment.  Everyone seemed to be in the same boat as me, and serious about taking this class for a Masters program somewhere.

But this time it’s a new ball game and I’m studying sciences that I haven’t studied in years.  I can already see the importance of these classes and how they will correlate to my future Nutrition studies.  I’m excited for the challenge.  Wish me luck and here I go! …off to do some studying!

PS – I will post about some interesting things I learn along the way, so stay tuned.  🙂

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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