Don’t think. Just do the yoga.

It’s taken a lot of will power to turn off the thoughts while practicing yoga this week.  My mind has been rather noisy and annoying to say the least.  I wish there was a switch to turn it off sometimes.

Today I practiced in the comfort of my apartment.  I caught my mind racing and it was much harder to focus on relaxing and breathing.  Granted, a small part of my thought process included what poses to transition into, but I realized that in class we blindly follow the lead of a teacher.  I realized how this easily enables the mind and body to free itself.

While I try to go to class three times per week, I practice at home another three times and practicing on your own is hard work!  So this led me to develop a new yoga mantra today: “Don’t think.  Just do the yoga.”  Once this mantra came to me, it freed my mind and enabled slower, more fluid movements.  My balance evened out too.  In class, we’ve all heard teachers say this, but the slower the transition of one movement to the other really makes everything easier.  How true it is.

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