Yoga Mantras

Happy Thursday!!  I never miss my Thursday evening yoga class, so I can’t think of a better way to start my yoga blogging than on a Thursday.

Now, every time that I practice yoga, either in class or at home, I try to repeat a mantra to myself in response to positions that tend to make me tense.  They become almost like a different daily theme to my practice.  Some of them are listed below.  As I come up with more, I will add them in future blogs.

1. Just go with it

2. Let go and let God

3. Nothing else matters than what is right here

4. Be here, be now

5. This is my time

They usually spur up from that little voice inside helping me to get the most from my practice.  When I get frustrated due to lack of balance while in a variation of Half-moon or while in Crow pose, or even Warrior II (for some reason I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders while in this pose) or just trying to relax and meditate, I will repeat the first one that pops into my head.  It helps to bring to mind that every day is different and some days the body is just simply off-kilter.

These mantras are my way of saying “for today, forget this dumb lack of balance in this balance posture, try again next time…no pressure”  Or, “this is the most important thing to me right now, not a care in the world.” And, “don’t think! Just do the yoga and breathe.”  They have immediate effects on my practice to the point where my body relaxes, the mental anguish goes away and my breathing returns to normal.

Try some of my mantras next time you practice or come up with your own.  Let me know what you think.

Sometimes it’s just simple reminders that help to bring us back to what’s important and where your attention should lie.  The beauty of yoga is that your attention doesn’t have to lie on anything at all.  Sometimes a few words is all that it takes.

4 thoughts on “Yoga Mantras

  1. Great post! I definitely believe in the power of mantras. In the winter time, I start my day doing stretches and my mantra is usually something like this: You are beautiful inside and out or I love my healthy body. When I am cycling up a hill, my mantra is always the same: Push, push, pedal, pedal, muscle muscle. I imagine the specific muscles that I am working and give thanks that they are working for me.

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